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TurtleShell is a Linux shell written entirely in Golang. This project is a coding experiment, and isn't actually meant for use by anyone.

My primary purpose in creating TurtleShell was to better learn Golang, because I find that it is much easier to learn a language when you're actively engaged in a codebase involving that language. By learning Golang through coding TurtleShell I am able to actively make mistakes, seek out the more correct ways of doing things, and continuously iterate TurtleShell into something I can be proud of.

Please note: while I am willing to entertain issues and enhancement / feature requests, I am not willing to accept pull requests for this project. Doing so would defeat the point of using this as a coding experiment for myself.

Current Features

  • The ability to envoke system commands and binaries.
  • The ability to generate new built-ins that are recognized by the shell.

Planned Features

  • Setting environment variables.
  • Loading configurations from .turtlerc files and system configuration files.
  • Custom prompts.
Devenv is owned and open sourced by Campbell Marketing and Communications, however all public support is provided by me in my free time.