My Projects

All projects that I work on outside of my employer's time are fully open sourced under the MIT license. Many projects that I work for as part of my work at Campbell Marketing and Communications are likewise open sourced under different licenses.

If you are interested in contributing to a project I run, the easiest way is to read the file within the project repository and hit the ground running. You can also contact me via the methods on the Contact page.


Github | Language: Bash
Malscan is an intuitive and easy to use malware scanner for Linux, extending ClamAV with additional scanning modes and malware signatures. Features include:
  • 10,000+ additional malware definitions over ClamAV
  • File MIME-type based malware detection
  • String-based malware detection
  • File modification detection / tripwire scanning
  • Email notification on detections
Malscan can run on any Linux system that ClamAV can compile on.


Github | Language: Bash
Devenv provides reusable development environments using Docker. Features include:
  • Removes the need to configure development language support, webservers, or database servers.
  • Language support for all current versions of PHP and Ruby.
  • Support and builds for any Linux, Mac, or Windows environment.
Devenv is owned and open sourced by Campbell Marketing and Communications, however all public support is provided by me in my free time.


Project Page | Github | Language: Golang
Turtleshell is a coding experiment by me to create a full Linux shell in Golang. This is an ongoing project. Planned features include:
  • The ability to envoke binaries and run system commands.
  • Setting environmental variables via built-in commands and .turtlerc files.
  • Running POSIX-compliant shell scripts.
This project is purely a language experiment allowing me to learn Golang, while providing something entertaining to work on.

Puppet Module Development

Gitlab | Language: Puppet + Ruby
I have created several open source Puppet Modules, all posted on the Puppet Forge. These include:
  • S3 file backup module.
  • Malscan installation and configuration module.
These modules are all posted on the Puppet Forge, so you can see Puppet's reports for quality and compatibility.