My Projects

All projects that I work on outside of my employer's time are fully open sourced under the MIT license. Many projects that I work for as part of my work at Campbell Marketing and Communications are proprietary and closed source unless otherwise indicated..

If you are interested in contributing to a project I run, the easiest way is to read the file within the project repository and hit the ground running. You can also contact me via the methods on the Contact page.


Github | Language: Bash
Malscan is an intuitive and easy to use malware scanner for Linux, extending ClamAV with additional scanning modes and malware signatures. Features include:
  • 10,000+ additional malware definitions over ClamAV
  • File MIME-type based malware detection
  • String-based malware detection
  • File modification detection / tripwire scanning
  • Email notification on detections
Malscan can run on any Linux system that ClamAV and Bash can compile on.


Language: Bash
Devenv provides reusable development environments using Docker. Features include:
  • Removes the need to configure development language support, webservers, or database servers.
  • Language support for all current versions (and in-development beta/RC versions) of PHP and Ruby.
  • Support and builds for any Linux, Mac, or Windows environment.
Devenv is owned by Campbell Marketing and Communications, and is a closed-source proprietary project.


Project Page | Github | Language: Golang
Turtleshell is a coding experiment by me to create a full Linux shell in Golang. This is an ongoing project. Planned features include:
  • The ability to envoke binaries and run system commands.
  • Setting environmental variables via built-in commands and .turtlerc files.
  • Running POSIX-compliant shell scripts.
This project is purely a language experiment allowing me to learn Golang, while providing something entertaining to work on.

Puppet Module Development

Gitlab | Language: Puppet + Ruby
I have created several open source Puppet Modules, all posted on the Puppet Forge. These include:
  • S3 file backup module.
  • Malscan installation and configuration module.
These modules are all posted on the Puppet Forge, so you can see Puppet's reports for quality and compatibility.