Contacting Me

The amount of time that I have available to provide Consulting services vary. If you're looking for consulting services, please read over the Consulting page first before contacting me.

If you are looking for a substantial time commitment from me, I will likely direct you to an MSP that I have a relationship with.


If you're a recruiter, I ignore any email received asking to schedule a phone call or to 'network'. My wife is an HR Business partner, her network of recruiters is all of the network I need. If you have an open position that you'd like me to consider include the following in the initial email:

  • Full job description.
  • The full company name and location.
  • Verify before contacting me that my experience at least vaguely matches your job description.

I am not interested in work that is not 100% remote. I no longer live in Michigan. In the age of COVID I am unwilling to travel for interviews.

Contact Information

The easiest way to contact me is via email at contact [at] joshgrancell [dot] com. If your issue is particularly sensitive please feel free to contact me via PGP-encrypted email at the same address. My PGP public key is:

ED86 AD4C 2D64 A882 352D 147B 8C75 38CE CE93 E07A

If you don't want to email me directly you can contact me via Linkedin Message.