Consulting Services

I typically do not provide ongoing consulting services, as I have a full time employer.

If you are specifically looking to contract me for DevOps/Automation (Puppet, Terraform, Kubernetes, CI/CD, etc) or Linux contracting work and you understand that I already have a full time job, please feel free to contact me via the methods on the Contact page.

I am not currently looking for employment. I am not interested in networking with recruiters that are part of a recruitment firm. I am not interested in networking with metro-Detroit recruiters.

Available Services

All services are provided outside of regular business hours. If you need consulting done within regular business hours, feel free to contact me for a referral to one of the MSPs that I have relationships with.

I provide a number of different consulting services. The list below is not exhaustive, so if you have a question please feel free to ask.

Services I can provide:

  • DevOps services, including
    • On-premesis GitLab setup/migration/training
    • CI/CD setup and advising
    • Deploy and automation advising
  • Puppet services, including:
    • Migration from non-managed configurations to Puppet
    • Consulting on major Puppet version upgrades
    • Proprietary module and task development
  • Automation planning and implementation (Terraform, AWS AutoScale, etc)
  • Infrastructure design and provisioning
  • Disaster Recovery planning and testing