Consulting Services

I typically do not provide consulting services. If you are looking for best-in-class IT and technical consulting, I am available through Campbell Tech Solutions and can put you directly in touch with our leadership team to discuss what CTS can provide.

If you are specifically looking to contract me for DevOps (Puppet, Terraform/Automation, etc) or Linux contracting work and you understand that I already have a full time job, please feel free to contact me via the methods on the Contact page.

I am not currently looking for employment. I am not interested in networking with recruiters that are part of a recruitment firm. I am not interested in networking with metro-Detroit recruiters.

Available Services

Services provided directly by me, rather than by Campbell Tech Solutions, are provided outside of regular business hours. If you need consulting done within regular business hours, read above on how to hire Campbell Tech Solutions.

I provide a number of different consulting services. The list below is not exhaustive, so if you have a question please feel free to ask.

Services I can provide:

  • DevOps services, including
    • On-premesis GitLab setup/migration/training
    • CI/CD setup and advising
    • Deploy and automation advising
  • Puppet services, including:
    • Migration from non-managed configurations to Puppet
    • Consulting on major Puppet version upgrades
    • Proprietary module and task development
  • Automation planning and implementation (Terraform, AWS AutoScale, etc)
  • Infrastructure design and provisioning
  • Disaster Recovery planning and testing