Josh Grancell 👋

Automation, Reliability, and Infrastructure Engineer


I am an Automation, Reliability, and Infrastructure Engineer focusing on configuration, automation, and infrastructure-as-code. An expert in highly available, fault tolerant web infrastructure, I have architected and deployed web, game, and commerce infrastructure supporting the business operations of Fortune 50 and 500 companies.

I am currently employed by Blizzard Entertainment as a Senior Site Reliability Engineer II. I am the technical lead for Warcraft Rumble's Site Reliability Engineering team, where I focusing on massive-scale Kubernetes, Terraform, Observability, and other reliability projects. I have worked as a DevOps Engineer and as a Linux System Administrator at previous organizations.

When not working, I am often contributing to open source projects. I run several open source projects, which can be found in my projects.

I am not actively looking for employment, nor am I actively looking to leave my current employer. I will consider non-remote positions only for exotic destinations such as Hawaii, the Carribbean, and New Jersey. I will not take positions that require travel outside of exotic island destinations.

Things I Know

I am well versed in a myriad of technologies and program languages. Some of the more notable ones are outlined below, but this list is by no means exhaustive.

You Made It! 👏

Because you've read this far, make sure you check out my Projects page to see what I've written and what I'm currently working on.

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