About Me

I am a DevOps Engineer / Site Reliability Engineer focusing on configuration, automation, and infrastructure-as-code. An expert in highly available, fault tolerant web infrastructure, I have architected and deployed web infrastructure supporting the business operations of Fortune 50 companies.

When not working, I am often contributing to open source projects. I run several open source projects, which can be found in my Projects

If you are in the market for best-in-class IT and technical consulting, I am available through Campbell Tech Solutions, my employer.

I am not currently looking for employment. If you are recruiter interested in networking, please include a full job description, including Company Name and location, in any correspodance. Note: I will only consider fully Remote positions, or partially remote positions with exemplary salary.

Platforms and Technologies I Know

Below are a number of technologies, and some experiences that I have had with them. I am well versed in the following technologies, so these lists are not exhaustive but merely highlights:
  • Puppet Configuration Management
    • Infrastructure-wide migrations from non-managed configurations to Puppet
    • Infrastructure upgrades from Puppet 3.x to Puppet 4 to Puppet 5
    • Module and Puppet Task development using Puppet 5 best practices (including at-rest encryption of secrets)
  • Programming / Web Development
    • Extensive scripting experience including system provisioning automation
    • Complex application development in native Bash (see Projects: Malscan)
    • Complex web application development in PHP (see Projects: Daedalus)
  • Linux Systems Administration
    • Extensive experience as a senior systems administrator troubleshooting system issues.
    • Extensive experience optimizing and min/maxing infrastructure for budget and performance.
  • Disaster Recovery and Infrastructure QA
    • Designed and implemented worst-case, doomsday scenarios for infrastructure-wide disaster recovery.
    • Experienced in identifying single points of failure and key infrastructure linchpins, and developing failure mitigations.
    • Well versed in designing and implementing regular, consistent disaster recovery testing (automated and manual).
    • Experienced in incorporationg Quality Assurance and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery into all development pipelines to ensure product maturity and stability.
I have experience with a number of consumer, pro-sumer, commercial, and enterprise grade infrastructure platforms, including:
  • Amazon AWS
    • Architected and deployed fault tolerant, highly available web infrastructure.
    • Planned infrastructure for an SMB migration for Windows AD/DCs from on-premesis to AWS services.
  • Digital Ocean / Linode / Vultr / AWS Lightsail
    • Planned and implemented disaster recovery setups in these environments for production AWS infrastructure in the event of full AWS outages.